GBC’s Safety Record is one of the best in the industry, with a current Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of 69.

Yes, GBC has a Bonding Capacity of $ 10,000,000.00 and our Bond Rate is between .75 to 1.5% subject to conditions.

No, GBC does not do decorative concrete.

GBC does not perform this work as a general rule, but we do have relationships to subcontract work as part of a larger building package.

GBC is licensed in California, Nevada, Arizona and Oregon working primarily throughout most of Southern California. We will work out of State on a negotiated basis only.

No, GBC does not perform Single Family Dwellings, or Condominium Projects

No, GBC is an Open-Shop Subcontractor. However, we do have relationships that allow us to perform some types of work where Union Contractors are necessary